Jun 17, 2022
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European Union blasts Greece over migrant crisis

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European Union blasts Greece over migrant crisis: Under fire over its management of the migration upsurge of the EU, unless Brussels and neighbouring Turkey keep their side of the deal, Greece cannot expect to deal with the inflow, specialists say.

The European Commission on Wednesday blasted Greece for “seriously” ignoring its edge duties and gave Athens three months to repair the situation.

A damning EU report studied in November found inadequate enrolling and fingerprinting of migrants entering Greece from Turkey, the primary gateway for refugees fleeing war in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria.
This came following a series of eastern EU states this week said Greece was neglecting to defend the exterior edges of Europe’s passport-free Schengen zone, with a few threatening to make Macedonia and Bulgaria if Athens is unable to staunch the inflow, the cutoff point.

Hungary, Poland and Austria have expressed similar criticism.

The pressure increased farther with a senior Belgian official floating the concept of Greece being forced to sponsor thousands of migrants.

“Hosting 200-300,000 people in camps on outside edges is the only chance of stopping the flow of refugees in the short-term.”

Greece has responded angrily with authorities spokeswoman Olga Gerovassili accusing EU partners of transferring blame rather than working collectively to stop the worst migration disaster since the Second World War in the continent.

This strategy of redirecting duty isn’t an effective answer to your issue of historical measurements, which requires combined actions,” she said Wednesday, pointing to Turkey as essential in solving the crisis.

Declaring the program Anders Ygeman said the several years. over mass expulsions would have to be done using specially chartered and staggered.

Swedish officials have called for greater security at asylum centers that were overcrowded in a refugee center for unaccompanied youths following the deadly stabbing this week of an employee.

Her departure has generated questions about overcrowded states inside some centers, with workers and too few grownups to care for kids, many traumatised by war.

Greece is only one nation with Denmark after its lawmakers passed a bill permitting authorities to capture valuables facing criticism, under Are over its treatment of the migrant disaster.

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