Jun 6, 2022
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Who loves to take care of taking care? Not yellow 

Another beauty of women. That should not be overlooked, it is “nails”. Some girls like to go to the salon often. This is another way of taking care of But who often does gel nails You must have problems with weak, torn, and yellow nails, as gel manicures scrape off the surface of the nail, which makes nails weak Brittle, torn, and yellow easily. Today we have a good way. To take care of your nails to leave your friends too.

Hand cream

Regularly applying hand cream is the easiest way to nourish your nails and hands. Try to choose products that contain moisturizers that help nourish both hands and nails as well.


If you have very dry, cracked, yellow nails It is recommended to apply Vaseline to the fingernails frequently. While applying it, massage it into the nail’s nose so that the Vaseline is absorbed into the nails quickly. If it is inconvenient to apply during the day, it can be applied at once before going to bed.

Clean up

Our nails each day are exposed to pollution, not different from other parts of the body. Therefore, nails should be cleaned as well. May knock out the dirt Or you can use the method to soak your hands in warm water.

Stop nail polish

During the treatment of dry and brittle yellow nails, it is best to refrain from applying any type of nail polish first. Wait for the nails to be stronger and then return to the same nail polish


When doing heavy handwork, such as washing clothes, washing dishes, etc., wear gloves to protect your nails from exposure to chemicals. Plus, this will help prevent the girls’ hands. Can be easily broken too

Avoid using nails

Avoid using nails to pick things directly, such as Orange peel Because orange consumption is another reason that can cause nails to yellow as well. Using nails to carve things. May also risk making nails fragile.

Stop biting your nails

For anyone who has a habit of biting their nails Is considered a good opportunity To stop the habit of biting nails To take care of your nails to become healthy quickly 

Some of you may trouble yourself with the propensity for gnawing nails regularly. Which not just harms the nails but Also makes the teeth awful, Therefore, you should consistently cut your nails. This will keep the nail from developing until it can nibble. Or then again attempt to focus on that Must stop this propensity for your 


Choosing a vitamin supplement is another solution that will help nourish your nails as well. It is recommended to opt for a zinc-containing group or a high-protein diet.

Finally, plus a few tips Before every nail clipping Try soaking your hands and feet in warm water mixed with a little lemon juice. This will help soften the nails and cut them easily. It is a way to help reduce the lack of injections of the nails as well. And for hand cream or Vaseline, they can be purchased at every Big C branch or you can order online. 

 Eat great food + nutrient enhancements. 

The nail’s eating regimen is high-protein food sources, including milk, chicken bosom, fish, or nourishments containing iron, nutrient C, and B nutrients, including earthy colored rice, and green verdant vegetables. Continuously eat it to get solid nails. 

Try not to open your nails to liquor. 

Our nails are regularly found to discover liquor in customary hand sanitizers. This is because these hand sanitizers frequently contain synthetic compounds and liquor that are utilized to eliminate the fingernail skin to wash away the earth. It very well may be kept away from by utilizing a shower, which is more exact and loses dampness. Once again, I picked the non-alcoholic adaptation. 

Continuously apply salve and hand cream routinely. 

On the off chance that you stay noticeable all around molded space for quite a while, It is conceivable that your skin will need dampness. Or then again on the off chance that you like washing your hand Various items, It brings about dry skin also. Thusly, you should utilize hand salve or cream consistently. Albeit the salve Or hand cream will have an excessive cost But trust us, it’s worth more than leaving your hands wrinkled. Presently, there are likewise numerous brands to browse. I attempt to find that is appropriate for your skin. Also, doing it consistently will help obviously, remember to apply the heels too. 

 Diminish regular nail clean. 

We comprehend that all ladies need to have wonderful fingernails. There are adorable tones, alluring, however frequently nail treatment. Resembles collecting synthetic substances on the nail. At the point when the substance of the nail is broken, it should be recorded The more slight the nails go. Subsequently … for quite a while It would be smarter to do it. 

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