May 30, 2022
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Why On Air with All India Bakchod (AIB) should be Renewed for Season 2

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Why On Air with All India Bakchod (AIB) should be Renewed for Season 2: Hotstar’s comedy- news bulletin show, On Air with AIB, completed its 9th episode, along with the show will shortly come to the end of its first season. Ashish Shakya, Rohan Joshi hosts Tanmay Bhat, and Gursimran Khamba hosts the Hindi variant and the English sort of the show.

Straight off, the show is attempting to ape the Last Week Tonight of HBO by Jon Oliver. The demonstration of the ridicule, as well as the live crowd, substantiate this declaration the show Last Week Tonight inspired. While the hosts cannot fit the energy and timing of Jon Oliver, they can be hilarious yet.

Jon Oliver’s show is all about the problems that harass the USA, at the same time he also touches on international news. He presents facts to his audiences that his team along with him got to strengthen his views. The same is being done by MB; the audiences are directed by them at significant problems which are impacting India but not broadly called the Whistleblower Act in the Parliament.

Gursimran Khamba Tanmay Bhat, Ashish Shakya, and Rohan Josh’ are dauntless within their mockery, everyone is openly criticized by them to Bollywood movie stars from Politicians, plus they are unashamed to crack a joke. A lot is still cursed, by AIB, throughout the show that draws flak however they kept heedless, their show running. They shared the places that attempted to defame AIB on their Facebook and Twitter page On Air.

As well as the show needs to be revived. Undoubtedly, their language is too dirty for youthful audiences; their anecdotes aren’t for families to love. The ones also understand that there’s something incorrect in the system that is Indian. MB is using their motto ‘Tragedy me Comedy’ in a sense that is real, because duh they’re Stand-up comedians.

Distributing consciousness of the societal atrocities rotting our India as they use comedy and satire to reach their target audiences. A lot of what they talk about isn’t changing the common man. Until we’re the ones until there’s a fire, however, we don’t read about Fire Safety, we’re Indians, we don’t be worried about Whistleblowers. Don’t discuss HIV/AIDS because, after the knowledge that is so much, that issue is a blot on the list of majorities.

This is where words fail, as On Air with AIB might triumph, and why their show needs to be revived. Their show could not be unsuccessful in ridiculing and shaming individuals to some stage where individuals are determined to discuss and transform reality. Whatever the approach, which is what’s significant: a better India.

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