May 26, 2022
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Huawei Honor Holly 2 Plus Review

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Huawei Honor Holly 2 Plus Review: Huawei’s Honor Holly proved to be an excellent smartphone but had a few short comings, like its typical camera, battery. mAh a little 2,000 Soon after launching it had been trumped by the Redmi is, which offered better functionality and complete was a sweeter deal which was additionally priced to sell of Xiaomi.

This time around Huawei is back having an improved upgrade known as the Honour Holly 2 Plus also it’s going to sell for Rs 8,499.

Build and Design

The Holly smartphone that is authentic had a bare bones building with plastic all over. The Honor Holly 2 Plus packages in a faux-alloy framework (that’s really plastic) with plastic internals. While it doesn’t seem all that notable and is a small upgrade, that is a huge leap for the Holly chain when it comes to layout one that seems a bit upgraded in comparison with the original.

On the front we’ve got an extremely typical Huawei layout which is minimal at best.

Everything is nicely spaced out and we’ve got a layout that was unique textured, on the bottom and top bezels, that sits below the protective glass.

On the rear side we’ve a similar-appearing textured back, when you hold the cellphone, yet this time it is possible to sense the subtle texture. The back scorn the Honour branding on top centre using the 13MP camera sitting above it and is quite minimal. Sits the secondary mic, while the one LED flash sits to its left.
Considering the unit in the front, we’ve a clean left side with interfaces or no buttons whatsoever.
On the correct side we’ve got the electricity the volume rock as well as /unlock button.

The very top of the unit is again fairly clean using the 3.5mm headphone jack, while the underside region of the framework sports the micro-USB charging interface flanked by the double loudspeaker grilles.
Speaking concerning the loudspeaker grilles while the one to the right is just for aesthetics, Huawei has unusually used the one on the left for the specific speaker.


Attribute-wise, the Huawei Honor Holly 2 Plus packages in the things that is great; and those updating from your initial Holly smartphone will discover it to be a revelation.

The memory section has a lot to go at the same time. We get 16GB of internal storage which is expandable by means of a microSD card slot and 2GB of RAM. The main camera on the rear gets a 13MP unit using one LED flash memory while the front gets a 5MP unit.

Together with the Honor Holly 2 Plus, Huawei will not disappoint on the connectivity front.


Looking at the score that it has been given by us, it’s not difficult to convey that we were not impressed by the screen. Beginning with the screen that sits over the display, it turned out to be an entire letdown. The glass failed to have some type of oleophobic coating, which means that you’ll end up fighting to clean up the screen nearly each and every time you pick up the smartphone. Moreover, wiping those smudges off was a job by itself as it was difficult to do exactly the same. This resulted in a screen that gets smudged and not so good that it really ends up hampering your ability to read or see content onto it.


While on most smartphones, skinning comes with a lot of bloats, our encounter with EMUI 3.1 was a great one and we believed that it improved the hardware characteristics to some extent as well.


Using a tested and tried MediaTek MT6735 chipset interior, we didn’t anticipate any problems using the Holly 2 Plus. The transitions were smooth and in general, we enjoyed the manner in which Huawei has optimized the applications for the hardware.


The camera to the old Honor Holly was definitely nothing to share. For the great, lots have changed, together with the Honor Holly 2 Plus.

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