May 11, 2022
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Bigg Boss 9 Double Trouble: All that Shah Rukh Khan and Selman Khan did on the show

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Bigg Boss 9 Double Trouble: All that Shah Rukh Khan and Selman Khan did on the show: Day 70 of Bigg Boss Double Trouble will be the greatest happening in the annals of television. Listed here is a lowdown as the crowd expected the episode with bated breath. The episode began with SRK and Selman requesting the crowd the things they’re expecting from the episode.

Recognizing the elephant in the room, the couple does an interesting mockery of the ill-famed fallout to discuss who got the most from their fight. Now thatis a pleasant low blow. Ouch!

Afterwards, telling Selman that it was it is all about time he should get married SRK shows that lots of girls are ready to wed his friend Selman Khan while proposing the concept of union to him. Nevertheless, a surprise awaits the couple ultimately. The little girl who discovered a unique place through Salman’s hit film Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Harshali Malhotra appears on the show. She really steadfastly tells that he cannot see you happy and Selman to not fall for the words of SRK!
Continuing the interesting, both buddies depict the method by which the media reported the scenario that has been in reality as well as the fights. And trust us when we say it, while sound that was an excessive amount of had been made out of their fight, both Khans barely made this kind of hullabaloo. And that is the reason why they are still the finest of buddies.

Both of them also play with dumb charades using a turn – they make the figure that is other Bollywood star names the other is holding up! Having a gala time giving and enacting hints the pair have their most funny minute copying Anil Kapoor and Ranveer Singh. The stars even have fun mimicking each other. As SRK adds more humour to the sport by pretending to not realize that Selman is clearly enacting Shah Rukh Khan, the couple continues to lip sync the tunes of each other.

Kajol enters in total sophistication plus among the very famous intimate onscreen couple performs magic to the tune ‘Gen:asfrom their recently published reach Dilwale. Not only this, but in addition they reenact the final scene – but having a turn! Now, Rahul and Aman fight over not needing to have Anjali in their lives. Singham!

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