May 9, 2022
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Rip Mufti Mohammad Sayeed, Jammu and Kashmir chief minister, dies

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Rip Mufti Mohammad Sayeed, Jammu and Kashmir chief minister, dies: Sayeed, found with fell blood count, sepsis and pneumonia, was admitted with complaints of neck pain and temperature on December 24, to AIIMS.

Sayeed is survived by his own wife, three daughters including a son, as well as PDP President Mehbooba Mufti. Where the body will probably be kept for individuals to get the last glimpse of the leader, the human remains of the chief minister could be flown to Srinagar.

Sayeed took over on March 1 as chief minister of the PDP-BJP coalition a year ago. Mufti Mohammad had on November 13 suggested that Mehbooba Mufti deserves to be chief minister and could become another chief minister as she was linked with all the individuals.

Kashmir and Jammu is poorly polarized by problems that were such as the recent flag controversy as well as the beef ban. The coalition continues to be throughout the initial seven months through a rugged ride it was in power. In addition to this, the state confronts a horrible risk of what could be a quantum leap in militancy.
A terrible part of the Kashmir and Jammu scenario is because there are going to be numerous players, on either side of the Line of Control, that will need as a promising girl leader takes charge, to awaken trouble. For, if her first two or three months in power go nicely, Mehbooba is going to be created in the state for the the next couple of decades as an important node of political power. It’s going to not be her personal success, it will be viewed as the successful development of a Muslim girl in a bigoted norIC.

The transition would undoubtedly happen to be much more easy if Mufti Sayeed had been enough bring naysayers, and to manage the power shift. The chief minister had declared before he took seriously sick on the brand new year that she’d shortly take the reins on. He might not be enough to facilitate the transition.

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