May 6, 2022
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Pathankot attack: Operation Dhangu, We played our part in Pathankot operations, says Army

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Pathankot attack: Operation Dhangu, We played our part in Pathankot operations, says Army: Critics have questioned when a lot of Army commandos were accessible in the edge city, NSG commandos were flown in from Delhi on January 2.

The Army that was mostly relegated to the side-lines the authorities has now fielded in the Pathankot operations to protect the management of the terror strike on the Air Force base.

On Wednesday evening, Western Army Commander Lt Gen KJ Singh addressed the media while maintaining the military played a vital part in the operations protecting the management of the entire episode.

Commander of the Army’s Western Command Lt Gen K J Singh said as its a force trained to handle a hostage crisis, the NSG was deployed. When fidayeen attacked at the airbase, 23 trainees from Afghanistan, Nigeria, Sri Lanka and Myanmar were besides relatives.

IAF planes carried out regular sorties in the edge regions for communication, surveillance and reconnaissance, he induded. Dhangu is the name of the hamlet where the airbase was created.

“Their intention (of the at tack) was to keep the tactical airbase out of action or to ruin its high value assets however they cannot succeed in some of these objectives.

He said the operation went on for three days as the place was not easy and near the household quarters of IAF staff. Collateral damage was not wanted by security staff in the Air Force station, he added. Calibrated use of minimal firepower was carried out to conserve tactical assets of the airbase and in order to avoid unneeded causalities.

The expulsion of infantry soldiers and pare-commandos of the Army, that are trained in counterinsurgency operations, has remained an important question after the Pathankot operation.

According to that, he explained, the specific time of participation was just 10-11 hours and never over 90 hours. °You ought to make use of the stopwatch process. You need to cease when there is no contact… Inside my understanding the complete contact interval was 10-11 hours,” he said.

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